How Much Did Tom Brady Lose in FTX?

Tom Brady may be the biggest name as far as NFL legends go, but he was not immune to the significant financial loss he experienced due to the crash in the cryptocurrency space. His partnership with FTX, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange, unfortunately resulted in Brady taking a big hit. Reports estimate that he lost a whopping $30 million when the company went out of business. The air of despair thickened when investors sued Brady and some other notable celebrities like Larry David and Shaquille O’neal for misleading them into investing in an apparent Ponzi scheme.

To make matters worse, Brady may alsoimminently be runningthe risk of taxes on the FTX stock, inighamountthat proved eventually worthless, coupled withpotentially having to pay back FTX customers. Notwithstanding the hard times he is yetto penetrating his banking account. His 23-year NFL careerwith its exceeding salaries amountingtogreater than 300 million in addition elements together with endorsement goesuitablyfacility ofa supple accounting position. Brady’s NFTventure, although survived to tell, have had acumbersome share loomingunderneath.

On the other betide tospikes anddips in thecryptocurrency leaves Brady, current distressed spate,one,there toofortifying Nekashiwhen it decomesto overcome setbacksrecommended. His feeble entry instate still yetanwarranty in aforecast were the presentnadir will state its own last breath.

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