‘Humans Of New York’ Creator Slams Indian Version For Suing Rival

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The creator of “Humans of New York” has criticised an Indian version of the blog for targeting its rival with a copyright infringement lawsuit. Brandon Stanton – founder of the iconic page – took to social media to condemn “Humans of Bombay” for going after the “People of India” rival group with legal action.

Launching in 2010 and growing into a huge internet success that continues to this day, “Humans of New York” shares interviews with city residents alongside their photos. In 2013, Mehta backed her own project: “Humans of Bombay”. Mehta’s page is believed to have as many as 2.7 million followers on Instagram – a formidable internet player.

Upon learning of the case between “Humans of Bombay” and “People of India,” Brandon Stanton spoke out in defence of the reached blog’s sensibilities. His focus echoed the ethos of supporting honesty and honour when publishing stories. Stanton was concerned the page could be seen as the “front end” of a business, using ethical boarders to Guidelines.

In response, “Humans of Bombay’s” rebuttal was swift. Claiming their primary focus was communication and nothing else – relevant and acceptable use – the blog stressed that a person’s work is their own.


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