If Biden Re-Elected President — No Future For Crypto In US, Says Messari CEO: ‘Move Abroad…Vote GOP’

Ryan Selkis, CEO of Messari, expressed measures of caution around cryptocurrencies’ future in the US should President Joe Biden be re-elected come November. He went as far as to suggest some alternatives to it in the face of this speculated outcome, including of course moving abroad as well as casting one’s support behind governor Gavin S. Newsom (CA), or voting Republican — figuring at least then the forename of the community stands a chance being a bit less histrionic when pitted against this policy predicament. “It would be at least nicer in that direction,” he chimed in.

To further explain, the current administration alongside with the IRs Force of Action (IRS) have jointly proposed a new set of regulations entailing the ease of a sale or trading of digital assets, to facilitate a new reporting form ‘Form 1099-DA.’ As vested under the code, legal persons who have experienced definite sizeable yields are expected to pay the retribution back as taxes and then enjoying the scope to emancipate themselves from certain illimitably-sizable systemic sellings.

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