Ilya Lichtenstein and Heather Morgan pleaded guilty to a $3.5 billion crypto hack

Ilya Lichtenstein and Heather Morgan recently pleaded guilty to federal money laundering conspiracy charges in connection to the Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange hack that happened seven years ago. The couple gained notoriety after their arrest in 2022 thanks to Morgan’s capricious rap videos, a compilation of which were released under the name “Razzlekhan,” and Morgan’s

frequent publication of features on entrepreneurship for Forbes, whereupon she christened herself a “Crocodile of Wall Street.” The US Department of Justice found that Lichtenstein used specialised hacking techniques to smuggle out of the stock exchange 119,754 bitcoins, now estimated to be approximatly $3.5 billion. Once apportioned, Lichtenstein traded some of the coins into physical gold coins, which Morgan buried in a secret location, thus initiating their money laundering experience. Notably, the administration did not originally link the housebreak to Lichtenstein, hence, he was not initially charged with government hacking charges. Both Liam and Morgan could now face up to 20 and 10 years of prison respectively. Likewise, the bizarre saga of the cyber attack is transforming into a mainstream drama titled Bitfinex, with Lily Collins playing Morgan; it will stream on Hulu for audiences to appreciate.

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