Imminent Bitcoin (BTC) Correction Will Cause People To Panic, Warns Crypto Analyst – Here’s His Downside Target

Pseudonymous trader Inmortal, with 195,300 X followers in tow, recently predicted on social media that Bitcoin will dip to $26,000 near the end of this month. According to the crypto-strategist, the upcoming correction may cause a gauge of the global market to feel fear, but will provided the ideal opportunity to set up Bitcoin for reaching a peak above $36,000. Inmortal believes the arrival of the corrective dip will be catalyzed by a potential push-back in the approval of Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) by regulators. At this time, the digital currency is worth roughly $29,454. He predicts 2021 may be a rocky ride, with altcoins gaining traction a few years later, potentially picking up a strong uptrend in 2024 and 2025. Currently, the data-analyst is accumulating Solana and Chainlink-based currencies; both market at $24.55 for Solana and $7.45 for Link, respectively.

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