In His Latest Threat to Public Safety, Elon Musk Says Twitter Will Remove Option to Block Users

It appears as if Elon Musk may be turning Twitter on its head as the tech-savvy mogul suggested on Friday that the app’s feature will be removed. Though users would still be able to mute other profiles from their feeds, the feature to block followers from one’s activity may be gone for good. Tesla Limits, a profile run by Tesla aficionados, firestarters a question to Musk: “Is there ever a reason to block vs make someone? Give you reasons.” His apparent reply was that the suggested mechanism would in fact be restricted from all content bar Direct Messages.

Musk was quite vague about the whens and whys around his statement, simply claiming the ‘block’ feature “made no sense.” While he uttered similar ground-breaking promises last year that went fulfilled, a complete ditching of the ‘Block’ tool could have lasting ramifications as it jeopardises Twitter’s online safety gateways. As reported by the the Anti-Defamation League, some 52% of adults report to having been hoodwinchmented online.

Musk’s rash-like decision could be best elucidated by a boomerang of later affects, none of whioch confirmed the motive behid this eventual overhaul. A correspondng aftermath with the displacement of the Twitter Safety Council had the negatively influential side-effect of downgrading user rights. CEO Jordan Kraemer of non-proft ConnectSafely weighing in on this privat blunder stressed the extremly damaging behaviour the lack of screen filters suggested.

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