Is Santa Betting On BONK? How Solana’s Memecoin Jingled All The Way To $1B Market Cap Club Containing Shiba Inu, Dogecoin

The Solana world received a special Christmas gift when the Crypto Community witnessed Solana’s SOL/USD meme coin BONK BONK/USD soaring 9000% year-on-year, pushing its market cap to $1.17 billion, thereby becoming the third most popular doge-inspired cryptocurrency , after Dogecoin DOGE/USD and Shiba Inu SHIB/USD on Ethereum-based ecosystem. Half of the entire BONK Supply is given out as Holiday Airdrops to the Solana developers, artists, and Non-Fungible Token holders.

The unleashing started off in December of 2022 when 50 billion BONK tokens, valued at around $300 each were handed out as gifts to LamportDAO sector coders. It is now reportedly worth about $480,000.

Of course, the flexibility that Bitcoin offers to the stock market has spurred this BONK rally further. Coinbase, one of the most feathered exchanges, have added BONK to their road map, in-purview of considering the asset for listing. Presently, Binance has shown core competency listing BONK/USD, BONK/USDT, BONK/FDUSD and BONK/TRY for spot trading.

It is also noteworthy to express that the fleet of Solana based Saga flagship web 3 phone selling Shot like a rocket, predominantly due to its in-built BONK holding starting with a $200 plus tag which is now tagged above 8$2000-5000.

A parallel mercury rise in cost of tokens that camped on BONK parade such as Helium and Dogwifhat propelled. Maxed amid Fugata 5G nodes, Helium incremented its token share by 397%, within a month- ‘Decoded Network’ unleashes crypto to attract nearb subscribers. Whereas, Dogwifhat also stayed in success lap, 2,000% accolade within 2 weeks.

However, some voices, raised a note of sophism saying BONK could witness a moment collapse within few weeks. Analysts feel, an over-power in Crowd enthusiasm and confronting market trends can downcast the outfit temporarily. Notable mention is to Santiment statements which warn retail investors keeping wingsQueue and investing without preparedness. Plus, dialogs regarding the electrons cache have dropped by 17%.[1]

Meanwhile no one has got aliened away confirmed benefit of investment within Dogecoin HODLERs as Shiba Inu SHIB TA holders profit experiences a Dylan by 37% fall taking them vec into realize mul Jedi loopholes. [2]

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