JPMorgan Says SEC Will Likely Approve Grayscale Spot Bitcoin ETF

A Bitcoin ETF has long beena subject of public scrutiny. This fire was recently fed with the resolution of the protracted court battle between Grayscale and the SEC. A ruling was handed down protecting Grayscale’s application to launch a Bitcoin ETF, leading speculators to firmly weigh in. An analysis by JPMorgan has declared that the SEC will likely need to grant multiple permission for Bitcoin spot ETFs, purportedly depriving them of a large progressive reassessment.

JPMorgan, as equivocally acknowledged by Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou, now holds that should the SEC refuse other spot Bitcoin ETFs awaiting approval, this action mayumably need to disavow their own anterior probations of futures-backed Bitcoin funds. Since this appears highly implausible, the straight path lies with approvals.

With countless refusals dropped through since this time, the SEC looks to have reached an endemic point from where a credible opposition to spot Bitcoin ETFs could not project itself philosophically. Grayscale’s success openly puts SEC in an unsolvable entanglement, and attentions are greatly aimed at their judgement for withdrawing permission permits for investments Putin-style.

Nowspot Bitcoin is seemingly inching closer allowing investors to get a direct exposure to the bitcoin market. Remaining doubtful onwards, Grayscale’s path has prophetically inflamed the tension betweening SEC andapprovals of direct Bitcoin investments.

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