JPMorgan: SEC Approval of Spot Bitcoin ETF Unlikely To Be A Game Changer

JPMorgan recently suggested that a Spot Bitcoin ETF won’t have the impact that the crypto and traditional finance (TradFi) communities may expect. The Securities and Exchange Commission’s official affirmation of a Bitcoin ETF in the US was said to not be particularly noteworthy by a JPMorgan strategist, Nikolas Panigirtzoglou. According to a recent report conducted by , he mentioned that ETFs have been available in other markets long before now, offering little significant investment.

Nikolas went on to emphasize the benefits of a Spot BTC ETF in the American crypto market instead. Physically backed funds have more prospects over Futures, as they afford more fluid security through custody management. Such a system empowers more detailed examinations of Bitcoin’s real-time supply, along with maximizing liquidity and unveiling pricing contours on spot markets. Apart from this, returns from similarly motivated ETFs have been almost absent since mid-2021 — as opposed to displaced gold ETF floods during the period after.

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