Kava Chain Now Live on Fireblocks, Opening Cosmos DeFi to Institutions

Kava Chain, a decentralized Cosmos-Ethereum interoperable Layer 1 blockchain, has recently come to Fireblocks – an enterprise platform enabling digital asset operations and tech innovations. With this integration, Fireblocks customers now get safe access to major DeFi application protocols and the Cosmos DeFi network. Addressing the possibilities this integration now offers for Fireblocks customers, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer, Idan Ofrat mentioned some of them: engagement in DeFi and loans, DAO management, cross-chain USDt transactions, etc.

Idan Ofrat described the wanted benefit of better access for institutions interested in the “‘KAVA’ tokens and DeFi App Protocols. He also cited Scott Stuart’s addition to the subject and wanted bank connections, allowing Fireblocks customers to work on major exchanges and access DeFi opportunities on prominent Cosmos appchains.

For more security in managing and accessing tokens, Kava Chain provides an apt connection to MPC custody-a top-quality crypto that further Green-Flag the network enhancements of top exchanges, marketmakers and institutions.

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