Lauren Sanchez parties with girl squad on Jeff Bezos’ yacht before her birthday

They’re seeing red. Lauren Sanchez’s star-studded squad gathered on her fiancé Jeff Bezos’ luxurious yacht, the Koru, in St. Barts to celebrate her 54th birthday on Tuesday. Taking to Instagram, Sanchez expressed her immense appreciation: “I’m overwhelmed with love and gratitude for these incredible women who are such a fundamental part of my life…I regard them as family.” Read on to meet the influential bunch of entrepreneurs, entertainers and humanitarians, most of who also secure backing from powerful men.

Kives, 35, ties the knot with Hollywood’s elite executive Michael Kives who operated as an aid to Bill Clinton and stood as a rep to Bruce Willis and Katy Perry. Kives now works as an investor and faces a $700m lawsuit over his liaisons with crypto-tycoon Sam Bankman-Fried. According to Vogue, Kives and Sanchez were ast Joe Biden’s Code Conf I Season 21 amazing event. Allealty a friend’s pairing-up on a blind date whereas Michael has successfully in Los Angeles.

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