Litecoin Closes In on Bitcoin in Terms of Daily Transactions, According to Crypto Analytics Firm IntoTheBlock

As IntoTheBlock notes, Litecoin (LTC)’s impressive second quarter is now drawing to a close with the crypto asset surging ahead at a price of $105.56 at the time of writing. That’s an appreciable 24% increase from the 24 hours prior, and when considering the growth made since the start of the year, Litecoin is enjoying a healthy 50% gain. During this quarter, Litecoin transactions per day tallied well to that of Bitcoin, May 29th even seeing LTC’s daily transactions overtake Bitcoin’s figures for the entire month!

Intriguingly, this strong performance from Litecoincomes at an intriguing time – a time pending its halving: an event occurring every four years intricately tied to cutting LTC’s block reward and, crucially, a likely contributor to its price rising. The projected date for this halving is August 2nd, though it to should be noted this date may still to subject to change. Respected crypto trader and analyst Peter Brandt has also weighed in on the impressive Litecoin surge -believing the breakout seen to be a monumental juncture for LTC.

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