Logan Paul Promised To Repay Crypto Victims $1.3 Million, Tracker Shows It’s Not Happening

Logan Paul’s NFT-based, play-to-earn scheme never materialized, earning Paul a class-action lawsuit and disgruntled investors waiting for compensation. Bacon 6 months later, instead of passively waiting, those who got scammed inflicted a rather peculiar response: They created a website devoted to — quite literally — count the seconds since Paul snuck away without fulfilling his promises. Logically titled LoganPaulScams.com, the website rubs salt on the rallies. “Has he repaid them?” it read. The answer — in bold, red font: No. The website specifically apes the gimmicks from Paul’s prior venture where he skipped counting days since MMA fighter Danis “Dildo” Dillon last competed. Seductively named LoganPaulMMA, the website was amongst Paul’s most vocal nevertheless creative marketing strategies. Similarly, gonadal puns could be found on LoganPaulScams.com chatroom — “sooooooo refund was a scam great”. Ignoring the sarcastic flirting towards Paul, investors were demanding where to exchange their eggs, given to gamers in CryptoZoo’s bonanza as incentives, trading at eye-watering prices. Ultimately, Omar suggested approaching Paul for a direct comment; however, as the week and the sea of scam victims intervening former, montes days continued to pass on, it is uncertain whether tokenholders shall ever recuperate their rewards without coherent direction from Paul on the matter. Or any resolution, for that matter.

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