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Hey there, fellow crypto enthusiasts! We have some epic news to share about LooksRare token ($LOOKS) and its trading rewards. They have been operating full-speed this entire bear market and have done so by give-aways, competitions, and rewards. That’s why Go Grab your virtual snorkel – we are entering the deep end! A hugely popular leading NFT trading platform has been upping its game lately with fees from all its more daring statements of late. Thus far they managed to pile up 1,800,000 $LOOKS to the big open space. But there is more to it than that – the folks behind it subsequently making the following decisions.

  • 50% will be used to purchase as many tokens from the open market they can
  • 10% form the Protocol Rewards (tadaaa)
  • Remaining 40% sits safely away in the rap, or the Treasury, if you will

LooksRare pays super-attention to their promises like a grandma attending to her beloved recipe. Plus, here comes another thrilling benefit that our associates atProtocol Rewards will just keep getting bigger and bigger – probably from other blocks, too (psssst). Approx. on October 1st at 9:00 AM (UTC),these rewards extremely valuable fees are start flowing to our Protocol Rewards. Currency Rush? Hurry up and trade $LOOKS on Bybit or land your motherload @ the Binance sight. And we aren’t fully telling anything as of yet, but get set as heaps of that surpise factor is coming. Running is a tropical concept from NFT​ the guys couldn’t resist expanding it – a few nearly-finished off products conceinved even etc so you can expect the Protocol Rewards rewards the stay inflated. Dollar signs it seems are printed on everyone’s daily agendas at LooksRare. Options expect nailbiting in anticipation of a sale coming on September 30th at 9.00 AM and ending next day at the same hour. Goodbye to Annual Trading Rewards as best said, Athey were brilliant but sometimes oh so complicated too, so just enjoy $LOOKS through our wallets now. Tootles to Fan-Fiction of the pirates getting ready too. Whoa, boys and girls that’s quite enough cooking all on the same fire 🔥 – Raffle Mania time just hit RugsLooks styling as you can enter a contest sponsored by an NFT landowner. That said, there’s a gold Mutant M2 Ape expericing a wave of competition and auction at $0.12 Nope, not joking! As from, tomorrow, raffle are available with incredible payment entry prices: win massively profitably an.”

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