LUNC to $1 Mission Revived: Top Validator Set To Burn 100% of its Terra Classic Tokens Commission

Operator of one of the highest-volume validator nodes on the Terra Classic network, Classy, recently reiterated calls to participate heavily in the burning of Terra Classic’s native token, LUNC. Famous influencer and long-time LUNC advocate, Classy pointed out that the community seemed to have grown apathetic towards the resource-schooling effort. In a recent update, the pseudonym online validator declared that their sphere would begin burning 100% of LUNC commissions as far out as the year-end in December; a move stated to result in liquidation of huge amounts of the sought-after asset.

The initiative was buttressed by several members of the LUNC community saying they would support and back Classy’s capital node to incinerate millions of tokens fewer than what was in circulation. Onlooker Frank Leo highlighted that more effort needs to go beyond the depleting of available LUNC tokens if LUNC prices is to reach it’s predicted $1 valuation, referring to onboarding more technology and progress to theTerra Classic core. This observation was echoed by Classy which further stated that recent practices of the layer-1 task force such as Redline Drfiters donation of the failed USTC said will ultimately be put to rest with numerous much needed advancements related to the blockchain tech.

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