Masterclass spent $100,000 building a replica of Bob Iger’s office in a conference room because the Disney CEO’s real office was too hard to film in, report says

The educational media company MasterClass experienced a resurgence in popularity during the pandemic, enriching with investors like Fidelity to the tune of $335 million. With the influx of capital, MasterClass was able to pursue projects like bringing Disney CEO Bob Iger onboard to film a Executive Leadership course.

To ensure the best filming, MasterClass waged a bold investment and paid $100,000 to build a replica of Iger’s office in a conference room. Furthermore, Disney allowed the media conglomerate to use the office rent-free.

By engaging experts and celebrities from Bill Clinto to Martin Scorsese, to Sam Bankman-Fried, the founder of FTX who has been charged with criminal seven charges and recorded an unreleased MasterClass on cryptocurrency. Upon completion, each course costs on average around $1 million to film and edit, bolstering MasterClass’s status as a leader in online educational video courses in in the streaming industry during Covid-19.

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