MetaStones putting the DAO in Daoism

When it comes to crypto projects, all too often what is offered are ideas rehashed within the apparent boundaries of a ‘box’. However, deploying ideas that long since upend our idea of a box, and gives hint at a much boundary-less reality of what WEB3 tech could be, is MetaStones. Remarkably surpassing the traditional WEB3 projects – the cutesy memes and cryptocurrency promises of a moon rocket – the meticulous project takes adventure to a mystical, faraway land by deepening its connection to the ancient themes of Daoism.

“It’s not often that these days crypto projects step out of exchange listings and token value predictions, but for MetaStones, this is where the mission mission lies. Community building for this network is paramount, desiring to create something that will withstand all streaming pools of time” said the spokesperson for the project.Uncover the core unique offer from the MetaStones network – The tangible yet hugely virtual realm of originating gems, summoning Origins StoneKeepers that require intervention from the mortal plane – sages, temple followers of the ancient eastern wisdom described as the Dao. Highlighting this age-old potent power behind the envisioned world intertwined with the MetaVerse, turns this project from a mix of solid bottom line targets than the noisier, meme popping NFT current trend pools can turn bottom line stuff can sometimes washoff as fads.

Rebiting classic fiction of Neal Stephenson -we have an adventure that explains how reality and metaverse comes intertwined and arrive in union through Magical Metastones and their thus Awakening Guardians move you away fro mere memento hunting or going for solitudes of buying moon dust, and instead reinvesting one’s attention towards building stakeholding via voting DAO powers, enabling artistic variations within the lore based origami-practically intertwining the tokens and tru whims of ancient temples of the art.

So why these tokens are of utter use for one depends how comfortable one find stakes build into sensitive ancient orbs being employed within this talisman- taking after Eastern ancient philosphies of Lao-Tzu ‘Daoism’, which propose values of almost a syncratic deity-level senses of being patient, compassionate, and living in momentary & deeply vulnerable simplicity finding their main source of power.

All one needs to let the freedom envelope is to take part in the ancient tempest of beautify, symbolising it all – collectiveness of witening/meditative faith leading to true fortune. Electionaries shall shape the anonymous dimensions of once again DAO knowing what’s right or wrong.. and make that one contribution of a life- spending that quiet moments of unlocking ones destiny that mandates at steep onto rich involvement with sure assets : Visit Website: and Connect On


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