Michael Saylor Unveils Why MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin (BTC) Bet Paid Off

MicroStrategy (MSTR): Bitcoin (BTC) Strategy Proven!

Michael Saylor, Chairman of the Bitcoin-friendly firm, hasrecently showcased a chart detailing the rise of MicroStrategy’s shares (MSTR) since the company’s adoption of a Bitcoin strategy in August, 2020. The results show that MSTR has grown by a promising 385%, while BTC saw an equally impressive 274% rise against other assets like S&P 500, Nasdaq, Gold, Silver, and Bonds. Data from Blockstream CEO Adam Back confirms this observation, concluding that MSTR is an idealex-post investment – indiezng the stressed importance of the Bitcoin payment strategy.
Noteworthily, this news brings more attention to how necessary it is to invest in1 Bitcoin, as longer-term handsholding yields tremendous investors, taking advantage of compounded gains and a booming ecosystem following the wait for spot Bitcoin exchange traded fund (ETF) approval from the Securities and Exchange Commision in the US.
Benjamin Godfrey, blockchain enthusiast and general journalist, strongly advocates for such investment practice, both dormant and active, understanding the growth potential of Bitcoin overtraditional fiat investments. He has recently joined the fray, calling fellow journalis and investors to “Adopt the #Bitcoin Standard,” further popularised by Saylor.
In summary, Bitcoin continues to exceed performances amid ayear where digital currencies boomed thanks to increased investor confidence and elevationof awareness and infrastructure to blockchains —driving adaptation into real-world use.
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