Microsoft CEO testifies against Google

Thank you for signing up! Subscribe to more newsletters and stay informed on the ongoing story of Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s courtroom testimony. As reports quote, Nadeal proclaimed that Google, now valued at **$2.4 billion**, has made advances to compete aggressively for search engine dominance. To truly entrench its power in the incoming market, Nadella alleged that Google has implemented plans to be the preference search engine across web browsers.

MSFT, having incurred funds in AI development, alongside OpenAI incorparating its popular ChatGPT tools into their products, imperative conjecture of a search battle was voiced. A stern caution was hears to wary of getting worse departments across the entire AI multiverse.

Putting issues focussing Googles ruling market aspect aside, the government has taken upon itself to pervasive the veracity of Google practices. An accusation illegallaty established surprising the theoretical monopolized search establishment.

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