Migrants Crossing Perilous Darien Gap In Record Numbers: Panama

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Just last night, across the perilous Darien Gap in Panama, a record numbers of migrants were crossing the 165-mile border from South America to the United States. Reports confirm an all-time high of 248,901 travelers to date – still counting!

With over 100,000 of those migrants from Venezuela, 33,000 Haitians, 25,000 Ecaudorans, and 8,500 Chinese, the U.S. issued a pre-cautionary statement emphasising a zero-tolerance stance on those crossing into Panama without authorization.

Despite its dangers, inhabited by criminal gangs, wild animals, and rivers in its jungle terrain, the urgency of the journey continues for those brave and desperate enough.

The fate of the future of globalization proves itself to be precarious and uneasy. Join us to stay informed today!

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