Moonbeam Teams Up with DUX and Grupo RÃO for a Web3 Loyalty Program in Brazil

Moonbeam Network, a provider of a smart contract platform for cross-chain connected applications, has joined forces with DUX and Grupo RÃO ,looking to rack up Brazilian food delivery service Grupo RÃO’s user base (capturing about 1 million members) to Web3.

By leveraging Moonbeam’s platform, brands can now take advantage of inhanced opportunities to take part in blockchain solutions at low-cost gas fees, lured by a wide array of users.

Meanwhile, DUX is championed as the main infrastructure provider for the Web3 world, swooping toward the goal of becoming the biggest wallet provider in Brazil and the LATAM area. Alloriginally gly masters of gamification and crypto-based awards, the company has been broadening its range accross the courts of business legacies, tech providers, and individual content creators now joined by main wallet and digital ID attributes shared in Brazil and regions of Latin America.

Grupo RÃO commits its take on the contract to start running a seaminglessung, Web3 powered loyalty program, designed to provide bankable support to users from discounts on products or services to fortunes and rewards.

“Grupo RÃO’s tables are ready for a deeper laration with customers sought initially through paths aside DUX’s protective wallettechs”, said Henrique Lemos, company Founder and respendant CMO.

He highlighted Moonbeam as the path wizard providing access to the fairytale of endless Polkadot plus online feed while Octavio from DUX, playoffs the advantages to better segregation of smart relationships between customer and partnesrwhile based on reinforcement of Web3 options.

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