MoonPay Launches Venture Arm to Invest in Early Stage Web3 Startups

After “reaching the right level of maturity to create that ecosystem and be that accelerant where we could,” MoonPay is doubling down on its Web3 strategy, launching a venture arm named MoonPay Ventures. This venture is set to invest money, ranging from $100,000 to $1 million, in projects to develop web3 infrastructure tools, gaming, FinTech verticals, among others. It has already financed more than 25 companies like the UK-based payments processor BCB GROUP, the crypto cold wallet provider Ledger, the web3 CRM and sales automation solution Absolute Labs, the venture capital firm BridgeTower Capital, and studio Mythical Games. MoonPay boasts a valuation of $3.4 billion, a portfolio of five million active users, and supports over 80 assets, resulting in a web3 payments network. It collaborated yet again, this time with multichain NFT platform, as well as Latin American FinTech startup Airtm. During the same year, MoonPay announced a “Cryptoe,” a bitcoin-based infrastructure created for the larger metaverse economic system. Whenever searching for concepts and teams to fund, TCP puts emphasis on a great user experience backed up by an enthusiastic team. Thus, investments boil down to unique execution rates of great ideas and heightened user experiences. Offerings involve not only money, but also scalability, catering to digital goods and services, machine learning ingrained in marketing allowances, nurturing prosperous, and companies in the sales cycle.
Update: MoonPay Ltd. unveiled its Ventures Arm investment which supports efforts from all facets of Web3 development, such as new infrastructure tools, gaming, and FinTech verticals. Commencing from endorsed start-ups like OroPocket, Nikau Technologies & Epic Games and investing up to €1 million to create long-term impact. The company is taking a multi-faceted approach to harness the full capability of Web3, enabling frictionless international payments and decentralized value transfer application with a priority of delivering user-friendly products – from startups building upon Web3 infrastructure to services extending usability of the new technology. By building a robust network of innovators, the company unfurls it promise of transforming web3 to a pallet unlike no other, by keeping their associates focused on fruition endeavour on messaging protocols both foundationals unlay stalwart new produtcs reafflirming the underpinning principals and stidentoling and inclensing investauns morphing conventional hoemin platroma into a powerresausp scenery pivotal denominashunacstress. In return, both investors and portfolio companies receive directIENCE partnerships and advice through the launch of its Partner Network. Moreover, MoonPay Ventures assures that entrepreneurs realize their venture ambitions leveraging the full Stack of industry players which accompany “Cryptoe.”

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