Multichain team announces shutdown, CEO’s sister also arrested


In the intensely competitive realm of cryptocurrency, sudden, unexpected occurrences are felt, influencing markets and communities worldwide. An example of such an event is the arrest of Zhaojun, CEO of the blockchain gateway Multichain, which was abruptly discontinued in late May due to its indispensibility in essential operations. Well-known for its efficient interchain token capability, opinions went into overdrive speculating the leader’s whereabouts. To heighten enigma, cold hard truth regarding an 1126 million dollars asset splinter was discovered, subsequently seeing the custodian’s sibling in arrest in an attempt to transfer user possessions to signed accounts.

The inquiry continued with the detection of another 103 million dollars within private deposits. Law officials seized the ex-CEO’s electronics, gadgets, crypto wallets, plus safety phrases. Unclear interpretations over the ensnared leader’s motives left everybody on their toes. All participants and negotiations was dominated by them from the very beginning, possessing complete trust control over each undertaking plus expenditure and now imprisonment puts compliance in the hands of police as well as the robber.

The deprivation of cogs of holding investment within Multichain has resulted in tremendous price cuts, evaporating from 1200 million dollars to an almost unmentionable 137 million over the course of one week.

All in all, Zhaojun’s capitulation reverberates across the interchain blockchain superhighway, compelling contemplation among those of both the legal as well as cryptographic arenas.

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