New Shiba Inu Whale Moved 4 Trillion SHIB From Crypto Exchange Wallet. Here’s the Significance

The Titanic purchase of over 4.114 trillion SHIB tokens, valued at $32.8 million, by an anonymous whale has sent shockwaves through the Shiba Inu (SHIB) community. After the purchase was reported by Whale Alert, SHIB saw a 6% surge in its price, which culminated in the all-time highs of SHIB in recent weeks. The data from Ethereum Explorer reveals the worth of the newly created wave address, indicating bullish sentiment in the markets and the possibility of interesting times ahead for SHIB enthusiasts. Interestingly, the recipient address has not been used in any previous transactions, raising projections of a new long-term investor entering the ecosystem in anticipation of significant overall gains, mainly driven by strong believe of an upcoming migration of the SHIB mainnet. In related news, Whale movements in the SHIB market pick up momentum around the much talked about favorable SEC ruling pertaining to cryptocurrencies (including SHIB) and the resultant overall market rally. Traders are citing both these factors to support SHIB’s recent bullish activity and flipping the coin for to possibly witness higher growths and surge in the following days and weeks.

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