North Korea Announces New ‘Tactical Nuclear Attack Submarine’: KCNA

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North Korea Announces New ‘Tactical Nuclear Attack Submarine’: KCNA

North Korea on Friday announced it had built a “tactical nuclear attack submarine” as part of its effort to bolster its naval force, announced by the state news agency KCNA. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un presided over the unveiling ceremony, saying that the new sub was intended to become a “core underwater offensive means of its naval force,” according to KCNA. He also emphasized his plans to pursue the further “nuclear weaponization of the Navy.”

The No. 841 submarine, named the Hero Kim Kun Ok, has become the North’s first new watercraft for water-based combat missions in several years, according to KCNA.

Yesterday, Kim said the Navy should achieve a “strategic mission” with the addition of instruments and weapons equipped with “tactical nuclear weapons,” reports stated. The installation of an effective nuclear armament is an urgent task for North Korea, given the rapidly advancing strength of other World ships.

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