OpenAI launches official ChatGPT app for Android

OpenAI unveiled the plan to launch an Android version of the already highly successful ChatGPT chatbot on July 21, now giving Android users access to this AI friend 24/7—just like iOS users have been able to do since May. Users may register and install the new release once it is up and available in the Google Play Store, from which they can preorder the app. With this build of the ChatGPT chatbot comes added security measures, and convenient cross-device chat history sharing features just like the app’s iOS version.

OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbot has been met with equal parts awe and trepidation due to advances in natural language processing, and the powerful generative language models it offers. But, similar to other tech giants, responsible and ethical implementation of such a tool is essential. OpenAI’s release location comes just in time to coincide with the efforts these competing giants are doing, while new startups are also beginning to encroach upon OpenAI’s initial sector by offering conversational AI skills that supersede those of ChatGPT paid version. In addition, the launch encourages the already noteworthy following of the chatbot from members of the crypto community that was spurred by June chatbot upgrades, even inspiring some to design their own tokens.

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