OPNX Announces Airdrop for Terra (LUNA) and Terra Classic (LUNC) Holders, FatMan Reacts

Cryptocurrency institution OPNX has just announced an [a]irdrop mission directed towards holders of Terra (LUNA) and Terra Classic (LUNC). Four men helming the exchange — popular for [their] participation with Three Arrows Capital — hope to disperse memecoins to all those who meet the requirements. Accusations of lack of integrity and legal troubles: failure to obey US subpoenas casts a pall over the availability at the entity. Posts from multiple usernames on Twitter ostensibly connected to an analyst named FatMan Terra allegedly spread incorrect details purportedly leading to Terra ecosystem downfall an idea which served as drive for OPNX’s decision to set up FatManTerra Justice Tokens. Distribution specifics are still gleaned in secret, with the dispensed ‘coins’ themselves showing no real-world value. Not limited solely to Terra artists, owners of Rollbit, another plane reportedly featuring exclusive insider facts by FatMan Terra, now qualifies too. Unsurprisingly, FatMan disapproved and leveled charges of impostering. As disclosure of the new tokens falls closer, onlookers in the crypto scenery stay [anxiously] anticipating finer facts on OPNX’s magnum opus.

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