Over 985 Million Terra Classic (LUNC) Lost; TerraCVita Hires Law Enforcement to Track Stolen Funds

Rumours have been circulating that the Terra Classic development team TerraCVita is collaborating with a law enforcement agency to reclaim the funds lost in the notorious Terraport hack.

April 2023 saw the unfortunate exploitation of the Terra Classic layer-2 DeFi project, and while members of the community have hoped that TerraCVita are working tirelessly to compensate those affected, there unfortunately remains some speculation and doubt about the situation.

Declining to inform the crypto public of the name of the existing law enforcement agency, TerraCVita stated to be organizing with up-to-date centralized exchanges so as to produce tangible changes for those affected. Positively, the team delivered news that the agency is treating the theft seriously.

Recent remarks from notable community member Rexx have picked apart the insufficient way that TerraCVita are dealing with the episode consequently revealing that the stolen funds had been recovered during KokCoin and MEXC Global due to the initiatives of he and Vegas Morph instead. Further to enforcing that TerraCVita didn’t follow the scavenged funds appropriately, and that they only operationalised an auditing agency to search Terraport after the incident, Rexx doubted the intentions of the team and proposed that they might not have been taking every suitable measure to bring recovery for users.

Desolatingly, these tokens had potentially evanesced, with darkness surrounding the direction of them, triggering the suggestion from Rexx that the governance around the issue must be altercated immediately and causing him to dissuade community participants from taking TerraCVita’s new stories completely at face value.

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