Patent Shows MoneyGram is Considering XRP Integration in Cross-Border Platform

Two years ago, MoneyGram released a patent filing that could hint at the future use of XRP in its international payments platform, a claim met with a lukewarm response from experts. Though this redraft proposal has sparked a heated debate within the XRP community. After news of potential such incorporation emerged, an influencing figure from CowboyCrypto, Texas, had highlighted the reports before taking them down because authorities had a skeptical outlook on the information’s credibility. Setting the scene was then-MoneyGram Head of Product Innovation van Hoek, who now features as Lead Product Manager at Ripple. This added fuel to people’s imagination allowing them to make judgements of the patent’s severity. USPTO further supported community’s convictions as they echoed its backing, granting the patent (no. 11,568,489 B1) via an official communication.

A patent specification that was tracked through Justia platform traced robotic relationships between two mega merchants, who featured the overall services control processes. Cashflows from the USA to Mexico were likely to access the intended marketplaces as the Patent warned of the currency transformation predicated on a USD-XRP-MXN exchanges steer. The public search query ‘(“11,568,489”).pn.’ related to going a notch beyond the portal is wholly irrevocable in locating the effectively registered confirmation even though the XRP universe had lingering apprehensions on the same. Having deliberated the destiny of the MoneyGram-Ripple longstanding alliance following its window closure on the 8th of March 2021, circumstances have spiced up once more in the crypto markets with the possibility of XPR bridging between MoneyGram and blockchain worlds. Speculation oscillates on MoneyGram’s leverage of Stellar into the system potentially augmented by XRP. Confidence falls on the shoulders if the verified submission and Bart van Hoek’s influential ownership mandates. Now XRP are second guessing whether these jurisdictions become more than just a trance fabric embedded into a trustworthy cross-border renewable pact.

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