Pauly’s Claims of PEPE Deception Trigger Controversy Storm

Pauly’s allegations suggest that the community has been deceived, as evidenced by the long three-day delay in releasing an official statement about the deliberate deception. This has stirred up shockwaves in the crypto ecosystem and many have begun confronting the team of PEPE with questions regarding their perception of transparency and honesty.

Many have noted strange inconsistencies between what the PEPE team publicly state and the large amounts of PP tokens held in nine wallets. According to sources, the amount of tokens being held, which vary between 16 and 17 million, breaking up the image of trust people place on this technology. Members of this community, Crypt_Noddy included, have lectured at length about the assumed inaccuracies found in this open letter.

The repercussions of Pauly’s allegations have dismantled the trustworthiness of PEPE from its investors and advocates. We can only guess the real breadth of the project’s leadership and, more importantly, their financial status. Things like decremented amounts of signers misinforming the public in some summation remains unsolved.

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