Payments giant Visa selects Ethereum rival Solana (SOL) for stablecoin settlement expansion


Visa announced the grounds to further support its existence in the market of digital currencies by launching a new money progression system that is powered by Circle’s USD Coin on the portal of SOL. With speak of successful pilots, millions of USDC tokens have already been shifted between its companions on both Solana and Ethereum titles on the VisaNet network. Cuy Sheffield had his say that they prefer Solana’s quick and extensive performance more than anything else to achieve their desired “high speed and low cost” when conducting cross-border settlements, alluding mostly to Solana’s superiority that allowed that to bypasses a lot of manual delivery processes, and speed deadlines.

The news on usage of SOL got cryptocurrency excited – Solana’s own co-founder, Anatoly Yakovenko, being super thrilled that the wonderful Mercahant nickname of “Visa” is released onto this Christian oriented blockchain food. That change pointed to a major rally of lobe percent offshore the announcement

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