Pepe Coin Becomes the Top Discussed Crypto Beating Bitcoin & Ethereum

Pepe Coin Outperforms Ethereum and Bitcoin on Social Media in July

Pepe Coin was a hot commodity in the digital media space in July, leaving Bitcoin and Ethereum in the dust. Regular investors swarmed towards meme cryptocurrency believing it could emulate the success of Shiba Inu or Dogecoin. However, the burst of unwarranted attention could be mislaid due to the dismal plummet in price witnessed throughout the 30 days till the end of the month. Yet, hype, even negative, can still serve beneficial purposes – flaring up awareness with a whole larger crowd on prominent digital platforms.

The most mentioned crypto on social outlets in July, as supposed to Ethereum (8.2%) and Bitcoin (9.3%) was, surprisingly enough, Pepe Coin at a total of 10%. Following closely was Arbitrum (ARB) at 6.2%, followed by XRP with 6.1%. Interesting to note is the amount of coverage Ripple and its lawsuit with the SEC have collected – dragging it up on to the top mentions list.

Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, previously staples in the top 10, have settled as posts at below the 2.5% mark of social media mentions. Their trading prices have watched a considerable tumble as too, clouding the picture for promoters and advocates. This sentiment shift amongst investors exhibits they are inherently flexible to disregard no-longer-lucrative tokens.

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