Pepe Coin Knockoff Is Outperforming The Original With 2300% Gains In 10 Days — A Dollar Buys 9M Pepe 2.0

Investment into cryptocurrencies has seen a new phenomenon lately as microcaps stake their claim as “the next big thing” in memecoin-ventures. Recently, the popular Pepe meme coin, Pepe 2.0 especially, has skyrocketed in value (3388%) and trades at $0.0000001099 currently. During the past 24 hours when Digecoin, Shiba Inu, and even Pepe Coin itself saw a decline, Ïepe 2.0 experienced a 35% growth in value, witnessed a outrageous jump in trading volume to $36 million. Somebody once changed an initial investment of $900 into around $176,000 within 24hours, holding then, more than 9 million Pepe 2.0 tokens.

Such mecoccoins slowly rising in popularity and might potentially enrich many investors in future. Nevertheless, one should always consider any microcap investments as substantially high-risk ventures, and conduct deep research before any attempts. Especially, knowledgeable people should be being for predatory practices that may harms users. That is why Benzinga will have ‘The Future of Crypto Meeting Forum’ at NYC on Nov. 14, 2023, keeping everyone alerted to new trends like AI, exchanging trends and SEC regulation regarding these assets. So, tickets are now regularly available for those ready to secure their spot and explore new possibilities with confidence.

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