Playable Grand Theft Auto on Netflix? Just ‘Rumors,’ Says Streaming Giant – Decrypt

Netflix is continuing its expansion beyond film and television streaming into video games, with reports from the Wall Street Journal this week indicating that the streaming service has commenced talks to attain a Grand Theft Auto game from its publisher, Take Two Interactive. Refuting these claims, Netflix attested that the acquisition proposal is little more than “rumors” and “speculation,” relaying that they have declined to provide any comments on the detailed speculation. Now, intrepid fans of Grand Theft Auto have fostered speculation regarding the protagonist for GTA 6, in addition to where the game will take place and the extent of any components based on crypto — all hopes subject to leaked snippets and unresolved rumors.

Upholding their development plunge into the gaming niche, earlier this year Netflix has successfully promulgated over 70 playable titles for smartphones and TVs, several of which include downloadable applications accessible with a subscription. Also, the video streaming giant has made strides in accommodating their admired customers with a modified gaming controller monitoring app, allowing phone owners to employ it as an onscreen controller. Additionally dispelling rumors of launching a proprietary game controller, so as to uphold accessibility of gaming and boost the outreach of viewing, Netflix unveiled to Decrypt that there are currently no intentions in place to launch one in the near future.

Consolidating their 170 million global subscribers, Netflix has laid strategies to burgersize its objective by entering the AI sector, claiming multiple recruiting moments for researching, development and machine learning sectors. Also, Netflix currently shelled out a novel background replacement system pertaining to the film industry, dubbed “Magenta Green Screen”, which corrals AI interchangeably and adds generated backgrounds during shots, all generated instantly. Furthermore, to maximize user allurement, Netflix also announced plans to extend solidyang satellite open up, offering their dedicated customers little getaways for buying Netflix merchandise — coalesced features ready in admitting by 2025.

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