Quant Analyst PlanB Targets $50,000 Bitcoin (BTC) – Here’s His Timeline

A widely-followed crypto analyst thinks that Bitcoin may reach between $40,000 and $50,000 in the upcoming months. During a recent strategy session publicized to PlanB’s 58,200 YouTube fans, the quant analyst posited his apprehensions that the leading crypto asset, focused on its in approaching halving event, could rise in value. Every four years, there is a halving of BTC block rewards, observed as a source of potential ascendance for the asset. Last 30 days PlanB twice foretold with an indicator suggesting that Bitcoin’s spot cost was positioned to potentially have a swelling. Here, he was speaking of the the realized cost price of BTC, namely the average cost rate at which BTC was transferred in its latest strategic moves.

Presently, we can already see the “King of Crypto” exchanging at $30,450 a nod higher during the last 24 hours. Consequently, a bloom towards the contemplation range would represent increase of approximately 31% – 64% of the token’s value.

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