Record For World’s Priciest Bottle Of Whisky Smashed At London Auction

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A bottle of The Macallan 1926 described by Sotheby’s auction as the “most valuable whisky in the world” went under the hammer for a record of GBP2.1 million. The rare bottle was estimated to raise a chosen amount of £750,000 up to £1.2 million, but England’s auction house records a new pricey crown beyond the estimate. Sotheby’s Jonny Fowle quaffed into the taste of such prize moments prior reporting, “It’s very rich, it’s got a lot of dried fruit as you would expect, a lot of spice, a lot of wood.” Having remained a sixty year-aged legendary crop in dark European oak cask, it emits a record wining perceptibility of historic mock thrilling spirit hunters. The set numbers of different Macallan bottles dated remaining from its 1986 origins consisting of just forty, compounded the moment pleasurable frenzy.

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