Reddit NFTs Break Records: Over 14M Holders on Polygon After Gen 4 Release

Recording groundbreaking statistics of achievement, Reddit’s entire NFTs collection, comprising Seasons 1 to 4, successfully achieved a milestone of 14.38 million holders from all over the world within a day of the much-anticipated Generation 4’s launch. Metrics recorded from Dune Analytics flaunt another astonishing feat of the Reddit group gathering as exhaustive numbers supplied by the blockchain platform Polygon and EThereum scaling solution exhibits 18.32 million total NFT collectible avatars distributed throughout said four seasons with an overwhelming total market cap of $49.086 million.

Highlighting features such as diverse creative designs, anti-bot measures and purchase limitations to promote fairness and keep everyone on a level playing field, the sentiment of authenticity and scarcity rooted deeply, driving up immense curiosity and yearning to house a piece of the momentus mark. Aside from the staggering figure in transaction, noteworthy important features featured mainstream, which includes the $1,878 tagged onto the Reddit Cup 2022 avatar visible amongst total 700 sales, echoing $46,183 in sale value in the course of the past 24 hours.

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