Redhill Group CEO Predicts August Launch for Shibarium, Sees Shiba Inu Price Rally

The Redhill Group CEO, Austin Hilton, recently brought to light a key development within the Shiba Inu (SHIB) community in a video – it’s that “the truth” SHIB investors had to get in tune with. Whales made a mega-move this past week by shifting 2.2 trillion in SHIB tokens amid its 2.6% price increase, relaying a message fondly received by the Crypto Basic team.

The important message, according to Austin Hilton, is to remain oriented on the bigger picture – i.e. action items and opportunities around the upcoming launch of Shibarium. Though there isn’t a definitive release date, based on Mr. Hilton’s estimations, Shibarium may officially be available for use in the middle of August.

Before Shibarium live event commences, however, the Redhill CEO poses a warning to investors: don’t wait until then to jump in. A key takeaway from his message is to “remain proactive” and act fast on current market conditions. He continues to laud early-stage Shard to Ethereum comparisons kept Bitcoin a captive audience.

Geared with enthusiasm, Hilton continues it help out Bitcoin’s conversational facts on performance drivers are the SHIB’s inner-ecosystem token BONE – trading at $0.94, & the LEASH. Suggesting analysis of these assets’ potential (Allocating shares for market-shaking responses following Shibarium’s imminent launch), he recommends the next solid portfolio movement.

The CEO on his conclusion argued for exercising caution despite his positive market analyses, asking investors to separate his statements from considered “”investment advice””.

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