‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ Author Robert Kiyosaki Says Crypto Is Future And Fiat Is ‘Fake’ Money

Robert Kiyosaki, the financial guru and the best-selling author behind the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, recently made a striking declaration with respect to the prospect of money when he took to Twitter (now X). As he attended the TOKEN2049 cryptocurrency conference in Singapore, he tweeted that crypto is the way forward while fiat money is “toast”.

Throughout his lifetime, Kiyosakio had been an avid defender of gold, silver and Bitcoin, which he is known to call “digital gold”, presenting these assets of great indispensability. He even forecasted back in April that Bitcoin will soon reach $100,000 while further supposing that if stock and bond markets were to plunge, then Bitcoin can soar beyond $1 million. Apart from gold and silver, he had been keen on conveying how significant cryptocurrency is, explaining that it can act like an auditor while scrutinizing the actions of the Federal Reserve.

Compelling demonstrations of his thoughts were stirred further when the BRICS actualized their August meet-up in South Africa, ↑prior to<< reckoning Bitcoin's ' discernibly increasing conversion rate. As Kiyosaki once mentioned that the Bitcoin revolution would be greater than the powder gun firepower world-transformation last year, his lingering thought obliterates the sophisms of ≈common skepticism.≈

Presently, BTC is priced at $26,646.14 per major sector precedents according to Benzinga Pro, ↑and<>https://www.benzinga.com/press-releases/19/09/p15439782/will-the-sec-finally-approve-long-awaited-bitcoin-spot-etf-ask-indust<<Note: Keep href line within script.

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