‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ Author Says Rising Stock Market Will Not Save US Economy, Still Bets on Bitcoin

Prominent investor, writer, and entrepreneur Robert Kiyosaki claims America is “broke,” and instead prefers using Bitcoin over conventional finances. Despite this, the Nasdaq 100 index has grown by 13.50%, reaching $15,760 this year alone. Despite the stock market’s ascension this year, Kiyosaki appears to believe that the economy hasn’t cooled yet as the debt keeps rising with debt hitting a peak of $31.4 trillion dollars. Consequently, Robert has opted to invest in safe haven assets such as Bitcoin, gold, and silver.

Recently, the renowned finance author has been apprehensive about the upcoming summit by the summit of BRICS nation scheduled for August in South Africa. This will result in the new trading currency that is backed by gold being called “Bric” and be distributed among 41 nations globally replacing the unyielding status of the US dollar.

Recent analysis by Ali Martinez wavered the crypto universe when he explained that the number of daily active Bitcoin wallets has presently dropped beneath the 970,000, therefore decreasing network activity on the dominant digital currency. As of the time of writing, Bitcoin is facing a dip of 3.61% from the peak of $30,259 to $29,374 according to CoinMarketCap while the incline has only cashed in a 0.71% surge over the past 24 hours.

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