Ripple and 10T Holdings Invest in Futureverse’s $54M Round for Metaverse and AI Platform

A record-breaking $54 million funding round led by 10T Holdings, with participation from Ripple investment has been announced by Futureverse, a metaverse technologies platform bridging data and the convergence of user experience that enables users to own, control their identity, value and content online.
Ripple’s utility token $XRP and associated XLS protocol will be used to expedite payments, with the lawsuit led by the U.S. Securities, resulting in a major win for the cryptocurrency exchange and remittances network count company’s use of XRP as it’s initial baseline. The company intends to deploy the funds to further develop its nascent metaverse stack of components including the Futureverse Platform, which consists of AI-enhanced  “Powered By Futureverse” tools, apps and products – enforcing their stance of the planned-open metaverse approach available for mass public adoption. According to company executives, Shara Senderoff and Aaron McDonald, an integrative experience of immersive convergences that merge the silos of user experience, next-generation metaverse apps and experiences will be pinnacled, allowing users all over the world to experience these new and exciting advancements. Fostering Opportunity: Monica Long, President of Ripple had to say about the development; “ we are thrilled to contribute foundational infrastructure layer and provide real value to end users looking for an open and applicable metaverse.”, almost reinforcing her stance that the metaverse has planned a much bulkier and applicable role in the digital world, connecting nations, cultures and all in-between. CEO of 10T Holdings, Dan Tapiero is certain of the span the Futureverse will amass, from his statement; ”…the vertically integrated platform reflects Futureverse’s ambition to become an AI, metaverse platform builder, architect, creative studio and digital community, all-in-one.” As Ripple company’s Win is largely being considered a victory for the cryptocurrency industry and seen globally as leaders against the SEC issue, the continued tech development of the company is revolutionary and will drastically hone the experience of users in majority parts of the world.

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