Ripple And SUPER HOW Join Forces In Axiology Project To Test Issuing Crypto, CBDCs, And Stablecoins

The EU’s Anti-Fraud initiatives spurred Ripple and SUPER HOW into coming together for the Axiology project, which tests out Crypto and Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) to further instill trust in regulators. Crypto Eri, a prominent XRP influencer, announced this undertaking to the crypto community. A statement clarifies why teams have come together and divulges the Axiology project tokenizes and caters to layers of a capital market system to so pre-existing ones can function alongside new business models.

Further voicing his opinion, Axiology CEO, Marius Jurgilas applauded the EU regulatory environment in the area of capital markets and the world of cryptocurrency, reaffirming plain necessity of innovative networking for both entities to grow. Jurgilas also has declared “We strongly support this EU direction and want to be part of this movement”, thus ushering what Ripple’s VP, James Wallis, seconded,commenting positively on partnering with SUPER HOW and the Axiology based on the European Union DLT Pilot Regime Regulation. Wallis also outlines Ripple’s dedication towards creating solutions that could produce CBDCs, citing this pilot project as an opportunity for European banking institutions to gain valuable learning.

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