Ripple Attracts Major Players Following Victory Against SEC. Is XRP Rally Imminent? Details

FollowingJudge Torres’ favorable ruling that partially acquitted Ripple of the SEC’s charges earlier this year, the crypto firm recently scored another landmark victory when the regulatory body motioned to file an interlocutory appeal in the XRP lawsuit. Although attempting to stave off the consequences of losing to Ripple here, the implications of this motion seem to suggest that the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) could potentially face a defeat in its case against the digital asset. Buddingly, this can potentially be viewed as great news for investors, in that the market valuation of XRP is likely to increase.

In the meetings held prior to the lawsuit, Ripple cooperated with major financial stakeholders, however, ultimately halted as whatever debacle the Commission lands itself in could also lead to associating entities being blacklisted by the signatories. This process mainly led to the later price downturn of XRP, as investors lost faith due to the ambiguity of the legal proceedings.

Thankfully, it appears the ball is now back in Ripple’s court, due in part to the increasingly lucrative opportunities XRP has to offer for the interactive runoff with big financial corporations has come into full view again. Paul Zalai, Free Trade Agreements Director (FTA) in Australia recently revealed talks between Ripple & several banking firms concerning cross-border payments, yet to occur thanks to blockchain solutions. Additionally, Collin Brown, blockchain researcher & crypto enthusiast similarly elaborated a statement whereby a plethora of institutions are interested in linking up with Ripple.

Weighing the current situation, XRP adoption on the macroscopic level should witness a surge soon. With two significant legal victories magnetizing the settling terraforming dust around Ripple, the apex of the enthusiasm hoarders awaits monsters in crypto to plod towards the success story of one worthwhile digital asset. What happens in the future could largely depend on what Ripple decides to push forward, although little doubt persists that XRP is looking extremely promising.

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