Ripple CTO: XRP Is Second To Only Bitcoin In Terms of Crypto With Regulatory Clarity In US

Ripple’s CTO, David Schwartz, delivered an exhilarating keynote address at Apex event Amsterdam, where he showed an exciting glimpse into the future of Ripple and XRP Ledger. He highlighted XRP’s advantages and solemnly noted that it is one of the two P2P cryptocurrencies, besides Bitcoin, to enjoy legal surety in the United States, thanks to the recent legal victory against the SEC. Later, David added new updates, bringing light to Automated Market crusades (AMMs) for executing trades with increased efficiency and no prior order books. Moreover, it talks of the integration of Dec automating Identity system (DID) for authenticating and protecting personal information off-chain. Supporting performance, scalability, and adaptability, ambitions of development such as students, a blend offacts and upgraded prepared features (evo side shares, and trade centrifugation contracts for use cases)

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