Ripple: Here’s When XRP Could Rally 250% and Reach $2

Ripple’s XRP token has tumbled a sizeable 9% on daily charts with losses of nearly 6% over the past few weeks. Last year, however, has been a rewarding one for the prized cryptocurrency that almost quadrupled its prices soaring 80%. Garnering positive response surrounding its SEC (Security and Exchange Commission) regarding the law arrange governing its sale to retail investors that turned in its favor, prices rose even higher reaching as much as $0.82. Agonizingly, the SEC verdict extended its way to a higher court evaporating that vigor consequently causing a downfall. In the light of expectation of rising tides in 2024, investors await an even more auspicious ending from the high court ready for Ripple’s XRP to successfully cross that elusive $2 milestone.

Will 2026 see its prices surge? Resources from Changelly estimate that the highest attainable value that could be remembered stands best at $1.10. There’s solace that later in 2026, prices may surge to mix $2.21. Increasingly promising%%%%% estimates from Telegaon even project XRP prices to elevate to as reach as high as $ 2.28 by the end of this year! Analysts like Cryptoinsightuk deem it possible for XRP to shoot up 100% in opposition to Bitcoin, giving strengthening on the possibilities of impending crypto market upheaval in 2024 anticipated to be bolstered by a BTC ETF and BTC’s in April coming halving activities.

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