Ripple President Reacts to Proposal On How Twitter Can Leverage XRP to Pay Content Creators

Following Elon Musk’s claims of transform[ing] the X app, formerly known as the Twitter app, into the premier online space for earning a living, users of the popular platform may have been left wondering how he might accomplish his goal. To this end, Brendan Berry, the Head of Payments Products at Ripple, posited on Twitter that a spike in crypto adoption would be the key to making Elon’s aims with the X app a reality, citing Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and XRP as potentially being beneficial assets. His post drew the attention of Ripple president Monica Long, who expressed her unanimous enthusiasm with a light bulb emoji.

Berry elaborated that overcoming obstacles associated with making international payments, commonly dropping fees in some cases which surpass the total payment for content creators, was essential for the app. This resides on the premise that the app should be accessible outside American borders and equipped to disburse payments to content producers in any locally accepted fiat currency via cryptocurrency. Moreover, the Ripple head expressed an invaluable tenet in his ongoing statement: one of having all individuals around the globe possess a bank account able to process these transactions effortlessly.

Berry also divulged that using crypto for payments, rather than legacy methods, offers indispensable features– most notably the capability to “shell out payments every hour”, an invaluable mechanism for content creators alike. Finishing off his tirade, he highlighted the importance of forming consistent collaborations with companies that handling crypto-fiat conversions to preemptively convert crypto remunerations to local charge.

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