Ripple: SEC to Publish Historic Ethereum Speech Hinman Files on This Date – XRP Price Gears Up for an Epic Comeback

James K. Filan, a former federal prosecutor, has disclosed the deadline for the publication of William Hinman’s document. This follows a ruling by Judge Analisa Torres that the SEC cannot seal the document. The Ripple Labs vs. SEC lawsuit is drawing closer to its final decision, as the Ripple lawyers have gone to great lengths to ensure that all aspects of the case are addressed. One major development in the case has been the upcoming publication of William Hinman’s historic Ethereum speech on the matter.

The speech, originally delivered on June 14, 2018, is set to be published by the SEC on April 12. This could be a major turning point for the Ripple Labs vs. SEC lawsuit, and could have a major effect on the XRP price. The content of the speech will likely be highly informative, as it already has been referred to as the ‘trigger’ for the Ripple lawsuit.

This could provide clarity to the ambiguity surrounding the status of XRP. If the speech were to classify XRP as a security, the implications for the cryptocurrency market would be immense and could result in a major shift in the industry. Moreover, the XRP price is expected to surge if the SEC were to provide clarity on the status of XRP. Investors have been waiting for this document for a long time now, and its publication could mark the beginning of a new era for XRP.

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