Ripple XRP Could Rally 90%, Hit $1.20 By 2023 End: Says Analyst

Ripple’s XRP token has weathered both waves of ups and downs recently; over the past week, it has dropped by 3.5%, and 5.7% during the last month. However, the token has surged 3.2% in the daily charts, which brings its total gains since early 2021 to an impressive 83%, propelling it to the ranks of 2023’s top performing cryptocurrencies.

Insight into XRP’s future prognosis comes from crypto enthusiast and analyst EGRAG CRYPTO, who frames its potential performance with two possible paths. By the end of 2023, the so-called Blue Route appreciates the token above $1.20 — a climb of approximately 90% — only to potentially dip and rise to a thrilling all-time high of $5.50 at the end of 2024.

The less optimistic route, colourfully dubbed Green, sees Ripple’s XRP dropping to a demoralising $0.50 by Christmas 2023, a decrease of 20%. Unlikely as it may sound, according to the Green Route, the token could ascend to USD the enviable $22.50 by July 2024 – a staggering 3497% increase.

No matter which direction one considers inevitably leads to the SEC’s court case determining Ripple’s future impacting the advancement of XRP’s price greatly; its outturn having the power to both onwards propel its value and shake it deeply.

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