Ripple: XRP Trading Volume Rockets 234% as Price Bounces Back

With positive news studios the arrival for Ripple, XRP has gained an impressive 234% boost in trading volumes. Currently, the asset has decreased approximately -0.87% in the last 24 hours, as per statistics. Additionally, it has exceeded ten cryptocurrencies in the green within the same timespan. Since the beginning of this year, Ripple has had a prosperous run in its legal battles. In addition, new announcements that offer promising odds to its future journey have publicized. Trying to support the speculation, reportedly unfounded claims of having a “BlackRock XRP ETF” emerged. This in conformity concluded in a sharp rise and fall in the XRP price. Recently, it had propelled up to the planing figure of $0.748, before authorised facts supplanted the gossips; therefore, XRP normalized back to the metric of $0.64. Although in the last week, XRP had benefited from numerous tendency advancements, that has still not been productive in stabilizing the asset rate above the pivotal buying level.

Sooner or later, Ripple could bounce back and maybe aim to touch the $0.732 – 0.74 mark whole again.

Robert Wilson author
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