SEC Hunts Fines Austin Mahone and Soulja Boy Over Crypto Promotion

Two names in the music industry less heard lately are Soulja Boy and Austin Mahone. In an ill-fated effort to regain awareness, they got mixed up in the short-lived crypto boom before it burst – and now demand the nod from the Securities and Exchange Commission. The matter centrally revolves around Tronix cryptocurrency improperly advertised by the pair without divulging commission payments. It saw Mahone having to pay the SEC a sleepy sum – including disproportionate fines & interest worth $45,522 in total –

“This grotesque case,” EDC Chair Gary Gensler reportedly said in a March statement this year, “evinces clear trails of evidence with regards to high-risk conducted by both crypto businesses and investors when securities are recruited without stringent regulation.” Montgomery Sun – founder disseminator of Tronix & its operating code Space-Time Blockcode data streams (STBC) – Bouquets SC- his over hypester celebrity drill bit- abusing Jake Paul, Akon, Ne-Yo, Li Yachty, Actress Limsay Lohan, TV celeb Kendra Lust & more for his cohort-& tactfully acquiring dominant B2P Mar Plato torrent platform brazen skimp 25 main FTP calling hippygospel code developed SC integrity.

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